Mareld Pro Lighting

Choose the right work lamp

Things to consider when choosing work lamps

Before you choose which work lamp to buy, think through what you will mainly use the work lamp for and which properties are most important to you so that you can perform at your best.

If you are going to use your work lamp outdoors, you need to choose a lamp that has an IP rating x5 or higher. (It is the second number in the IP number that indicates water resistance.)

What does the electricity supply look like where you work? Do you need a rechargeable lamp or one that is powered by cable, or one that can be powered by both with battery and cable?

Do you need to illuminate one wall/surface at a time or one with 360 degree light diffusion?

Is it important to be able to regulate the color temperature?

Are you going to paint or do other things that require the lamp to reproduce natural colors? In that case, you must have a work lamp with high color rendering, >90 CRI/Ra.

How large an area are you going to illuminate and how much light do you need? The number in Mareld's product name indicates the number of lumens. The higher the number, the more light.

Should the work lighting be on a stand, hung from a hook, stand on the floor or clamped to scaffolding or the like?

In Mareld's range you will find what you need for your particular work situation.

Checklist when choosing a work lamp

  • Indoors and/or outdoor use
  • Rechargeable, powered by or both
  • Brightness (lumen)
  • Different light modes/dimmable
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Color rendering index
  • Focused light or 360° light diffusion
  • Stand/tripod or other possibilities for mounting and suspension