Mareld Pro Lighting

Choose the right torch

Things to consider when choosing a torch

There is a wide range of torches on the market and quality and function vary widely. Think through what your needs are and which features are most important to you before choosing a torch.

Do you want a rechargeable torch or one with regular batteries? Mareld products with RE in the name mean they are rechargeable

How much light do you need? The number in Mareld's product name indicates the number of lumens. The higher the number, the more light.

Many of Mareld's torches are also dimmable and have focusable light.

Weight and size can also be important characteristics if you always carry the torch with you in a pocket or keep it in a holster.

Checklist when choosing a torch

  • Rechargeable or standard batteries
  • Operating time
  • Brightness (lumen)
  • Different light modes/dimmable
  • Focusable light
  • Weight and size
  • Do you need a holster