Mareld Pro Lighting

Choose the right head lamp

Things to consider when choosing a head lamp

Before you choose a head lamp, think through what you will mainly use the headlamp for and which features are most important to you in order to perform at your best.

Do you want a rechargeable headlamp or one with regular batteries or maybe a hybrid that has both? In Mareld's assortment you will find all variants.

Is long operating time important to you? How long a lamp stays on obviously depends on the battery, but it also depends on how much the lamp shines, which position you have the lamp in if it is dimmable. Some lamps have a "Go-Home function" which causes the lamp to shine for an additional time at a lower level when the battery is exhausted.

Do you mostly use the headlamp when you are standing close to an object, e.g. an electrical cabinet, then you should choose a headlamp with a wide light pattern with a slightly weaker light, but if you mostly use the lamp to see longer distances, you will benefit more from a stronger and more focused light. With the Tellus 1000 Re you get the best of both worlds.

The headlamp's weight, head position and flexibility regarding attachment to a helmet etc. are other factors that are good to consider from a comfort perspective.

Checklist when choosing a head lamp

  • Rechargeable, standard batteries or hybrid
  • Operating time and Go-Home function
  • Brightness (lumen)
  • Different light modes/dimmable
  • Will you use the headlamp for short or long distances?
  • Weight
  • Headband and attachment/mounts